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Come See Us At Oshkosh 2012

The Aerochia LT-1 has arrived at Oshkosh and is all set up for the show.  We have already seen a ton of interest from pre-show visitors and are excited to show everyone what we have been working on!  Please drop by and take a look at our plane and let us know what you think.  We look forward to seeing you!

LOCATION:  We somehow managed to snag a prime location right in front of the IAC Headquarters building.  To get there from the parking lot take Celebration way through Phillips Plaza then hang a left on Whitman Rd.  We will be right there on your left.

PRICING:  We have special pricing good for this show only.  Click here for details and photos of what we deliver.

$11,300 –  Carbon Airframe Kit
$11,500 –  Wing Kit
$3,300  –  Firewall Forward Kit
$4,150  –  Airframe Subkit

$29,900 – Complete Kit

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An Overdue Update

Well its long over due, so here is a re-cap of the last few months. We are up to fifteen flights and the plane is flying great!

I did some baffle work on the engine and was able to get the temps down even better, along with being able to bring the mixture back as well. Thermal airport is very hot, so if it stays cool there it will work anywhere!

I also increased the prop angle. It gave us a better top end speed with out hurting the climb performance. I added gear leg fairings and hope to get some wheel pants on the plane soon. The throttle was a bit touchy and hard to use so I installed a new linear style throttle and that seems to work much better (haha). The only problem is that pulling the controller gives you full power (or is that a problem?).

Darryl Greenameyer and I both agreed that the rudder sensitivity could be turned down a bit so I increased the rudder control horns length and that did the trick.

Darryl has done a lot of in-flight testing as well: max rate of climb, stalls, hard bank turns, best glide and much more. So far the plane is meeting or exceeding all expectations!

For the next test I plan to take the plane to altitude and see what kind of speeds we can get out of her. My goal for the next few weeks is to build up as much flight time as we can. I have to keep my day job back at the shop, but every weekend I am out at the airport working and testing. I was too busy at the shop to make it to Oshkosh.

The second Lt-1 one is also coming along very well…and fast!

Darryl Greenamyer Flies The LT-1

Darryl Greenamyer took his turn at the stick and rudders of the LT-1 today, making it’s second and third test flights. The good news… our overheating problem has been overcome with modifications to the carburetor. The less than good news, but not horrible news? It might be running a little rich now. Ah, the joy of aircraft engines… more meddling tomorrow. After his first flight Darryl quipped, “I hate to say this in front of Andy, but that thing flies nice.”

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First Flight of the LT-1

The LT-1 made it’s first flight Friday afternoon May 14th, 2010 at Jaquline Cochran Regional Airport in Thermal California. Test Pilot Len Fox was enlisted last minute to make the maiden flight after Darryl Greenamyer was sidelined with a rib injury. Len spent the morning reviewing the aircraft with designer/builder Andy Chiavetta and performing engine runups. After a quick lunch at El Grecko Loco (which definitely did not help settle any pre-flight butterflies) it was back to the field for a fast taxi test, and followed shortly by it’s first flight.

We’d like to extend our sincerest gratitude to Len for making the last minute trek from Oregon for the first flight as well as Penny at Tradition Aviation for giving us the run of hanger A.

Mid April Update

We put on the finishing touches a few weeks back; installed a new GPS, rebuilt the rims, and reworked the weight and balance after an engine mount change. Quickly dissembled the plane, and trailered it out to Thermal for its maiden flight. We’re waiting on DAR to sign off the papers, Darryl is standing by, chomping at the bit to take to the sky.