The Aerochia LT-1  is a new generation single place sport aircraft. It combines classic fighter lines with modern composite construction. This clean sheet design brings fun together with modern composite materials, exceptional flight characteristics, and maneuverability.

The fully composite airframe is corrosion proof and makes maintenance simple. Durability and performance are increased compared to metallic airframes.


Power plant                  HKS 700EMax

BHP                                        60 HP

Fuel Burn at Max RPM              4 GPH

Propeller                    Aerolux AL-azl

Wing Span                            20.8 FT

Wing Area                           60 FT^2

Aspect Ratio                              7.23

Length                                     15 FT

Horizontal Span                       6.3 FT

Seat                                             1

Cabin Width                             27.5’’

Seat Bottom to Canopy             37.5’’

Seat Back Bottom  to Firewall      50’’

Gross Weight                        793 LBS

Empty Weight                       500 LBS

Useful load                           293 LBS

Fuel Capacity                    18 Gallons

Maneuver Limits                 +6g / -4g



Cruise 60% power              120 KTAS

Cruise Speed full power       140 KTAS

Va                                     125 KCAS

Vne                                   180 KCAS

Vs stall                                48 KCAS

Min weight Climb                 1000 fpm

Gross weight Climb               650 fpm

Crosswind Demonstrated        15 KTS