An Overdue Update

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7 September 2010

Well its long over due, so here is a re-cap of the last few months. We are up to fifteen flights and the plane is flying great!

I did some baffle work on the engine and was able to get the temps down even better, along with being able to bring the mixture back as well. Thermal airport is very hot, so if it stays cool there it will work anywhere!

I also increased the prop angle. It gave us a better top end speed with out hurting the climb performance. I added gear leg fairings and hope to get some wheel pants on the plane soon. The throttle was a bit touchy and hard to use so I installed a new linear style throttle and that seems to work much better (haha). The only problem is that pulling the controller gives you full power (or is that a problem?).

Darryl Greenameyer and I both agreed that the rudder sensitivity could be turned down a bit so I increased the rudder control horns length and that did the trick.

Darryl has done a lot of in-flight testing as well: max rate of climb, stalls, hard bank turns, best glide and much more. So far the plane is meeting or exceeding all expectations!

For the next test I plan to take the plane to altitude and see what kind of speeds we can get out of her. My goal for the next few weeks is to build up as much flight time as we can. I have to keep my day job back at the shop, but every weekend I am out at the airport working and testing. I was too busy at the shop to make it to Oshkosh.

The second Lt-1 one is also coming along very well…and fast!


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