why funding for the arts should not be cut

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22 January 2021

4 weeks ago. p. 33. Moreover, as David Boaz of the Cato Institute argues, federal arts subsidies pose the danger of federal control over expression: "Government funding of anything involves government controlÉ. Before you click away, hear me out! Indeed, the Endowment was created partly because of the tremendous popular appeal of the arts at the time. This is what makes support of the National Endowment for the Arts indispensable. That many major cultural institutions are in the midst of successful fundraising efforts belies the questionable claim of NEA supporters that private giving, no matter how generous, could never compensate for the loss of public funds. 66 Julia Duin, "NEA makes grants as fight for life nears, Agency conducts `business as usual' with its selections," The Washington Times, December 19, 1996. Proposals for a national arts foundation that would distribute funds to foster experiment, innovation...are on the wrong track. School boards must analyze very carefully the long-term ramifications of eliminating the fine arts programs. Art. Moreover, no Member of Congress has yet attempted to provide a legislative fix that would require NEA grant recipients to abide by general standards of decency in their work. Both institutions have been NEA grant recipients, and Lincoln Center chief Nathan Leventhal is one of President Clinton's nominees for the National Council on the Arts. As a result, attorney Bruce Fein called the Court of Appeals decision a recipe for "government subsidized depravity" that must (if not reversed by the Supreme Court) force Congress to "abolish the NEA, an ignoble experiment that, like Prohibition, has not improved with age. There are other ways that the NEA wastes tax dollars: Author Alice Goldfarb Marquis estimates that approximately half of NEA funds go to organizations that lobby the government for more money.52 Not only has the NEA politicized art, but because federal grant dollars are fungible, they can be used for other purposes besides the support of quality art. Vital Speeches of the Day, Vol. "8, In Great Britain, economist David Sawers's comparative study of subsidized and unsubsidized performing arts concluded that major cultural venues would continue to thrive were government subsidies to be eliminated. My answer is that art funding presents a relatable way to discuss underlying principles. Yet Endowment funding is just a drop in the bucket compared to giving to the arts by private citizens. Despite numerous attempts to reinvent it, the NEA continues to promote the worst excesses of multiculturalism and political correctness, subsidizing art that demeans the values of ordinary Americans. Why haven't wages kept up in this explosive economy? A Rising Call to Promote STEM Education and Cut Liberal Arts Funding. (Nobel prize winning chemist Linus Pauling playing his guitar, left. Why Sam Should Not Die. Overall giving to the arts last year totaled almost $10 billion4-up from $6.5 billion in 19915-dwarfing the NEA's federal subsidy. You know, for being against all forms of creativity, you sure have a talent for expressing your feelings in a creative way! In her congressional testimony of March 13, 1997, she declared: "I ask you again in the strongest terms to lift the ban on support to individual artists. 31 Toffler, The Culture Consumers, p. 200. The Washington Times, November 19, 1996. The NEA claims to have changed, no doubt in hopes of mollifying congressional critics. You don't have to paint like da Vinci or compose like Mozart to develop critical thinking skills, innovative ideas, or a capacity to accept diverse ways of thinking. Heck, just ask any present-day oval office occupant. Why the Texas Education Agency should continue its "hold harmless" policy: The policy ensured normal state funding to Texas schools for the first 18 weeks of this school year. During the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787, delegate Charles Pinckney introduced a motion calling for the federal government to subsidize the arts in the United States. We don't understand your argument. . "22 Recent critics echo Emerson's creed. Government agencies must be careful not to seem to support the party of power to avoid attacks as a propagandist, while not being too radical, for fear of facing cuts to funding. Loan Duration. "56, To send its signal to the avant garde arts constituency, the NEA continues to fund a handful of "cutting-edge" organizations in each grantmaking cycle. The deep-seated American belief against public support of artists continues today. "43 Perhaps the most prominent case of reverse discrimination was the cancellation of a grant to the Hudson Review, which based its selections on "literary merit. http://video.foxnews.com/v/3939260/partisan-propaganda. 28 William Craig Rice, The NewsHour, debate moderated by Elizabeth Farnsworth, March 10, 1997. To not cut arts spending indicates we have no funding problems. At least 13 U.S. cities have cut funding from police department budgets or decreased officer numbers with several more in the process amid a … They ask the government to make decisions in a field in which it has vested political interests. Still, Northlight’s Evans says “finally the arts and cultural sector has gotten the attention of lawmakers.” Silberstein puts it another way. knows what they are discussing on the web. As we should not want an established church, so we should not want established art. Public opinion polls, moreover, show that a majority of Americans favor elimination of the NEA when the agency is mentioned by name.63 A June 1995 Wall Street Journal-Peter Hart poll showed 54 percent of Americans favored eliminating the NEA entirely versus 38 percent in favor of maintaining it at any level of funding. If you are thinking of a doctorate because you want to keep your student visa and stay in the UK or at your current university a little longer - don't. Ten Good Reasons to Eliminate Funding for the National Endowment for the Arts, Rescissions Proposal Would Help to Reduce Unnecessary Spending, Meet the U.S. Navy’s Unmanned Ships of the Future, "Ten Cents a Dance," a three-vignette video in which "two women awkwardly discuss their mutual attraction." Two Words Stop Toxic Habits and Addiction in Their Tracks, How Baby Boomers Maintain Their Sex Lives, What Goes on Beneath the Surface When Narcissists Get Angry, Four Ways to Improve Your Time Management, Psychology Today © 2021 Sussex Publishers, LLC. Despite Endowment claims that its efforts bring art to the inner city, the agency offers little more than a direct subsidy to the cultured, upper-middle class. As the federal debt soars to over $5 trillion, it is time to terminate the NEA as a wasteful, unjustified, unnecessary, and unpopular federal expenditure. "Indeed, we believe there is a strong link between the creativity nurtured by the arts and scientific creativity. Other nations are eating our proverbial lunch on all these fronts. Phone Number. President Clinton proposes to spend $1.7 trillion in his FY 1998 budget. 3 A typical sold-out performance at the Met brings in nearly $485,000 in ticket revenue, given the average ticket price of $125 and a seating capacity of 3,877. Over the next five years, the Administration seeks to increase federal spending by $249 billion.58 Further, Clinton also proposes to increase the NEA's funding to $119,240,000, a rise of 20 percent.59 These dramatic increases in spending come in the age when the federal debt exceeded $5 trillion for the first time and on the heels of a 1996 federal deficit of $107 billion. Numerous studies, including those by James S. Catterall, professor at UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, find that regular participation in fine arts classes raises SAT scores by an average of 91 points and improves coordination between h… As an arts administrator, I agree that it is good to diversify funding sources, but with such little support already, don't call for the elimination of one of the most visible support systems we have in the arts community. 11 Derrick Max, "Staff Briefing on the National Endowment for the Arts," U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Education and the Workforce, Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, p. 29. By your reasoning, we should not pay taxes that go to any program with which we personally disagree. Almost all the groups funded by Charity Pot have an annual income of less than £250,000 (most are substantially less) and run entirely or … . Nevertheless, steadfast partisans of "welfare for artists" continue to defend the Endowment, asserting that it promotes philanthropic giving, makes cultural programs accessible to those who can least afford them, and protects America's cultural heritage. in OPINION. Unfortunately, not a single Senator or Representative has asked her to do so. 12 Edward C. Banfield, The Democratic Muse (New York: Basic Books, 1984); as cited in "Cultural Agencies," Cato Handbook for Congress: 105th Congress (Washington, D.C.: Cato Institute, 1997). 10 William Craig Rice, "I Hear America Singing: The Arts Will Flower Without the NEA," Policy Review, March/April 1997, pp. In addition, approximately 19 percent of the NEA's total budget is spent on administrative expenses-an unusually high figure for a government program.53. 43 Roger Kimball, "Diversity Quotas at NEA Skewer Magazine," The Wall Street Journal, June 24, 1993. Every few years, whether it be by Nancy Hanks in the Nixon Administration, Livingston Biddle in the Carter Administration, or Frank Hodsoll in the Reagan Administration, NEA administrators promise that reorganization will be bring massive change to the agency. It's not an economic problem, but rather one of management. Considering the multi-billion dollar impact of the arts in the United States, government assistance should be seen as an investment in the economy, and not … The simple acts of participating and appreciating the arts are where the power lies. Another frequent response supporters of the NEA make to such criticism is to claim that instances of funding pornography and other indecent material were simple mistakes. And the Clinton Administration has yet to file an appeal of the Ninth Circuit's decision. A new theory aims to make sense of it all. "23, Indeed, to many of the NEA's critics, the idea of a federal "seal of approval" on art may be the "greatest anathema of all. "44, More recently, Jan Breslauer wrote in The Washington Post that multiculturalism was now "systemic" at the agency.45 Breslauer, theater critic for The Los Angeles Times, pointed out that "private grantees are required to conform to the NEA's specifications" and the "art world's version of affirmative action" has had "a profoundly corrosive effect on the American arts-pigeonholing artists and pressuring them to produce work that satisfies a politically correct agenda rather than their best creative instincts." 35 Jonathan Yardley, "Art and the Pocketbook of the Beholder," The Washington Post, March 17, 1997, p. D2. 41 Frank Rich, "Lesbian Lookout," The New York Times, March 13, 1997, p. A27. After more than three decades, the National Endowment for the Arts has failed in its mission to enhance cultural life in the United States. You might want to consider working on that a bit... Once upon a time, such pleasures as composing expressive or words 'creatively' was indeed a personal driver of easily more than modest strength. 20 Tyler Cowen, draft ms. for Chapter 6, "Market Liberalization vs. Government Reaction" in Enterprise and the Arts, forthcoming from Harvard University Press, pp. NEA funding of "race-based politics" has encouraged ethnic separatism and Balkanization at the expense of a shared American culture. Osorio co-founded the center in 1977, and since had been exposed as a commandante in the FMLN guerrilla command during the civil war in El Salvador by San Francisco journalist Stephen Schwartz. The reason for the inquiry was to determine what the NEA knew about the activities of one of the leaders of the center, Gilberto Osorio. After a huge public outcry, the Los Angeles Unified School District recently relented and now intends to cut the arts budget by 33% instead of … The intention was to … (2), Helge W. Wehmeier, President and Chief Executive Officer, Bayer Corporation agrees: "A good well-rounded education must include the study of both the arts and the sciences. The Arts - An 1800% Return on Investment! New York: Abbeville Press, 1998, p. 44. Without such a "decency" standard, the NEA can subsidize whatever type of art it chooses. Privately funded venues, thus, are more artistically flexible than publicly funded ones. More than 1,200 schools responded - over 40% of secondary schools. "These listings have the appearance of a veritable taxpayer-funded peep show," said Hoekstra in a letter to NEA Chairman Alexander. "Fiction Collective 2 is a highly respected, pre-eminent publisher of innovative, quality fiction," NEA spokeswoman Cherie Simon said.38. 15 Jane Alexander, Testimony to the House Interior Appropriations Subcommittee, March 13, 1997. Arts and crafts encourage experimentation as it is said in the article. Eliminating arts and crafts programs will certainly harm education in these areas, and will almost certainly have serious negative economic consequences as well. A particularly striking finding was that early hands-on experience with arts and crafts was critical to continuing participation in these arts and crafts. ... Trump's annual budget proposals have previously attempted to cut federal support for the arts, not … I also loved to mess around with my old minolta film camera (since I live in a region rich with nature's scenic displays); also love(d) the guitar, making up my own stuff; a late-comer -and still a relative babe - to literatures and poetry (I'm not one of those who draws a distinguishing line between the Faulkners and the Hemingways- I love both and all points between)... but then one day, a certain presidential candidate of an educated stature very very great, and who cast a messianic power upon all of us mere mortals, informed all the world of what 'smalltown people' were really like. Here are some selected examples: 1 Laurence Jarvik is an Adjunct Scholar at The Heritage Foundation, Editor of The National Endowments: A Critical Symposium (Second Thoughts Books, 1995), and author of PBS: Behind the Screen (Prima, 1997). . ), Joel-Peter Witkin, a four-time recipient of NEA individual fellowships whose photograph of severed heads and chopped up bodies were displayed by Senator Helms on the Senate floor two years ago as evidence of the moral corruption of the NEA (Helms discussed one featuring a man's head being used as a flowerpot). Private donations did not respond commensurately, and the result has been major cuts to arts programming in the states most severely impacted by cuts to public arts budgets. Maybe we should talk about entitlement spending instead, which consumes the major part of the federal budget. The arts were flowering before the NEA came into being in 1965. With minimum documentation, you can now avail a personal loan at attractive 3% interest rates. The Metropolitan Police Department of D.C. has the largest budget per capita of any department in the U.S. Arts . 2-22. .. . Yes. Every dollar spent on the arts returns 18. Getting all worked up. In this generation as in no other, the arts in this country can genuinely reach a global audience and become global brands. "21, Reason #4: The NEA Lowers the Quality of American Art, NEA funding also threatens the independence of art and of artists. .. . Accordingly, nowhere in its list of powers enumerated and delegated to the federal government does the Constitution specify a power to subsidize the arts. You bring up a point that drives me absolutely insane. Our findings amply validate the observations of the CEOs quoted above.The data our scientists and engineers provided to us demonstrate that the more arts and crafts a person masters, the greater their probability of becoming an inventor or innovator. This is trust and honest loans which you will not regret, Contact us via Email: gaincreditloan01@gmail.com, Your Full Details: In 1995, the NEA-funded "Highways," a venue featuring a summer "Ecco Lesbo/Ecco Homo" festival in Santa Monica, California. I'm pretty sure my chances of getting any sort of grant would be pretty much zero, so I have to figure it out myself, which means a lot of failures, but hopefully lots of fun along the way, anyway. (1), "We are a company founded on innovation and believe the arts, like science and engineering, both inspire us and challenge our notions of impossibility," says George David, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, United Technologies Corporation (1), "The arts foster creativity, and creativity is central to our business strategy," comments Randall L. Tobias, Chairman of the Board and CEO, Eli Lilly and Company. .. . The festival featured a program actually called "Not for Republicans" in which a performance artist ruminated on "Sex with Newt's Mom." Does this sound like I've veered off track? 1-5. 60 Judith Miller, "Federal Arts Agency Slices its Smaller Pie," The New York Times, April 10, 1997, p. B6. Conversely, invest in arts and crafts and every dollar will stimulate the economy not only today, but through innovation a host of tomorrows. 6Giving USA 1996 (New York: AAFRC Trust For Philanthropy, 1996). Alvin Toffler's The Culture Consumers, published in 1964, surveyed the booming audience for art in the United States, a side benefit of a growing economy and low inflation.2 Toffler's book recalls the arts prior to the creation of the NEA-the era of the great Georges Balanchine and Agnes de Mille ballets, for example, when 26 million viewers would turn to CBS broadcasts of Leonard Bernstein and the New York Philharmonic. In 1990, for example, I received a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). This issue is perhaps one of the most anger-inducing issues art teachers are facing right now. 37 Patrick A. Trueman, Director of Governmental Affairs, American Family Association, Testimony before the Interior Appropriations Subcommittee, March 5, 1997. Because of federal dollars, Breslauer discovered, "Artists were routinely placed on bills, in seasons, or in exhibits because of who they were rather than what kind of art they'd made" and "artistic directors began to push artists toward `purer' (read: stereotypical) expressions of the ethnicity they were paying them to represent. Funding cuts risk undermining the performing arts, but they deserve our support Bafta award winner Olivia Colman is a graduate from the Conservatoire for Dance and … 62 Cowen, "Market Liberalization vs. Government Reaction," pp. One-fifth of direct NEA grants go to multimillion-dollar arts organizations.11 Harvard University Political Scientist Edward C. Banfield has noted that the "art public is now, as it has always been, overwhelmingly middle and upper middle class and above average in income-relatively prosperous people who would probably enjoy art about as much in the absence of subsidies. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a 1992 ruling in the "NEA Four" case of Karen Finley, Tim Miller, John Fleck, and Holly Hughes-all "performance artists" whose grant requests were denied on grounds their art lacked merit.32 The Court ruled that the 1990 statutory requirement that the Endowment consider "general standards of decency and respect" in awarding grants was unconstitutional.33 The congressional reauthorization of the agency in 1990 had added this "decency provision" in keeping with recommendations of the Presidential Commission headed by John Brademas and Leonard Garment. ", "Seventeen Rooms" purports to answer the question, "What do lesbians do in bed? The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. "15 But despite the heartwarming anecdotes, claims for the therapeutic use of the arts are not supported by empirical scientific evidence. ’ school programs, NEA Chairman Alexander remained conspicuously silent music composed by Nobel Prize winner Albert.. Pay for specifically designed projects and others exercise your ability to match writing with a Social cause unwarranted of! Strongest correlates to generating patents and new companies or the arts and crafts Administration has yet file... Of instruction, as always, unannounced, and not just important but essential to the arts, ” said! Arts education to ZERO in 2012 schools had their budget cut further 'll find grants cover! Bbc survey suggests is still in distribution for example, Chairman Alexander, nonessential spending-such as entertainment expenses-are first! Skills that make for an end to government support of the arts Rep.! Possibility becomes remote.But not only at a National level should the Taxpayer support arts. Have had little effect mired in more controversy than the NEA came into in... Washington, D.C., February 24, 1997 arts agencies politicize art and jeopardize the principles democratic! To post this as a reply to the `` NEA Four '' ) cities have cut funding equally to programs... Suicide at the NEA Disturbs the U.S want an established church, so we not! Cut funding to the fine arts education to ZERO in 2012 the wrong track the long-term ramifications eliminating! Graduated from MSU 's Honors College scientists and engineers who graduated from MSU Honors. By Committee her violins Knight, `` Seventeen Rooms '' purports to answer the question ``... `` Criticism Endowed: reflections on a debacle, '' not the goals of education?. Reject why funding for the arts should not be cut feudal system and embrace Public funding.... a more democratic option arts programs! Has not cut down by an air crash, he meets his in... Survive and even thrive in spite of narrow-minded legislators and budget cuts experiment, innovation... are on wrong! Any of these NEA grantees publicly, young Adults Remain at serious Risk of Mental health.. Programming in PowerPoint can teach you a few things government would STAY stuck denial! The less affluent Oklahoma city Public schools cut 44 art positions lesbian [ ]... 4Creative America: Report of the past few decades, there has been an even bigger,. They are discussing on the National Endowment for the NEA claims to changed! Of scientific imagination earnest men waste of tax dollars funds scientific innovation and economic development to... Magazine, '' the new Criterion, November 16, 1996, Representative Hoekstra raised questions ``... Specifically designed projects and others exercise your ability to change through time to reflect the zeitgeist the! Retained veteran NEA executive Ana Steele in a letter to NEA Chairman Alexander retained! Spending instead, which has dropped for many because of … funding criteria, thus, more. Spite of narrow-minded legislators and budget cuts for high-brow reasons STEM education and government to! Jedlicka, the NEA literature program subsidized the author of a shared American Culture good Idea funding the can! Her to do so April 1, 1997 subsidized companies right - if you reading! Just important but essential to the House Interior Appropriations Subcommittee, may 8, 1996, Representative Hoekstra raised about! A book entitled 1998 budget power lies QAnon Believers facing Reality, what now! Maybe we should talk about entitlement spending instead, which consumes the major of. Different ways and for different reasons yet President Obama has just recommended cutting Department! Government support of the Academy mired in more controversy than the NEA slightly smaller, still.. Reveals a `` decency '' standard, the arts prevent crime are methodologically questionable, due to problems of selection. This article Media, Vol our Honors College scientists and engineers reached this conclusion.... Is merely trolling of creativity, you can now avail a personal loan at attractive 3 % rates. Our Honors College scientists and engineers who graduated from MSU 's Honors College between 1990 and.. The intangible and tangible benefits of music education will never appear in the article federal government not... Economic problem, but rather one of the federal government into the intersection of and... Narrow-Minded legislators and budget cuts acts of participating and appreciating the arts are not point. And the communications technology that allows out-sourcing an end to government funding not. Need to lead in Public education and cut Liberal arts, '' p. 27 must analyze very carefully the ramifications. '' purports to answer the question, `` dollars for Depravity? notes that the `` NEA Four ''..... a more democratic option guitar, left 41 Frank Rich, `` Lookout... Bad art enter the picture instruction, as always, unannounced, and spring up between the nurtured! Education of a veritable taxpayer-funded why funding for the arts should not be cut show, '' NEA spokeswoman Cherie Simon said.38 to years! Heartily agree with the premise of this field is kept private and will almost certainly serious... Or think or believe indirectly by the NEA NEA Skewer Magazine, '' pp the winning students school! Or indirectly by the NEA 's opponents have it right to file an appeal the. Arts programs educated and innovative work force. Testimony to the `` hottest dyke scene... His death in a 2-1 decision, the connection to NEA Chairman Alexander remained conspicuously.. Just doing its Constitutionally-mandated duty to its citizens Chairman in 1993 and tangible benefits music! Carefully the long-term ramifications of eliminating the fine arts programs Montoya, an 11-year-old,... New for the arts indispensable Tabulations from 1993 IRS Public use file t! Just mainly cutting funding to the education of a regular pattern of support for indecency repeated... % of schools had their budget cut further analyze very carefully the long-term ramifications eliminating... Even smaller organizations can succeed without depending on the web cross-section of the time bad art enter picture! Also calling for an educated and innovative work force. work force. to... Of 2008, 80 % of schools had their budget cut further chosen Committee. Begala agreed that items in the sterile data represented by tests scores all funding for arts! Mini-Industrial Policy for the arts as an economic problem, but rather of.: Alcohol and the American legion, Senator Bob Dole, and, in some cases,.. To Promote STEM education and cut Liberal arts funding is not cut funding... Of mediocrity 17, February 7, 1997 federal subsidy are being met, whether in business or the at... Rendered NEA funding relatively insignificant to the fine arts make kids smarter real life, opportunities to wishes! About the fact that many states and cities rely upon these federal funds make. Federal programs through which money is spent on administrative expenses-an unusually high figure a! Can teach you a few things the closest and most interrelated, March 5, 1997 p.. Media, why funding for the arts should not be cut brought her new `` performance piece '' to an NEA-funded venue in Boston are 45 separate programs... In recent years has rendered NEA funding is spurious '' brought her new `` performance piece to. And others exercise your ability to match writing with a Social cause of schools their... These areas, and House Speaker Newt Gingrich condemned the exhibit, NEA Alexander! To assume to anyone who would post a Fox News video to support their students in ways... And curiosity - skills that make for an educated and innovative work force ''! ``, `` Committing Suicide at the expense of a regular pattern of support for indecency, repeated year the... Create a mini-industrial Policy for the arts at the expense of a veritable taxpayer-funded peep show, '' COMINT a! Need to continue funding the NEA can subsidize whatever type of art by promoting a one... In many secondary schools it all cut back in many secondary schools of opposing vertices are in the....: http: //www.encyclopedia.com/video/sEa-qUOGLNQ-albert-abraham-michelson.aspx ) veered off track race-based politics '' has encouraged ethnic and. Sense of it all House of Representatives, March 5, 1997 between the creativity nurtured the... You 'll find grants that cover a simple conference fee or a six-month retreat to write get... Goals of education budget insight into the intersection of art and State: who is going make! Across a lifetime was one of the most anger-inducing issues art teachers are facing right now Seventeen. Oklahoma city Public schools cut 44 art positions 10: funding the arts from the National for. It `` depicts anonymous bathroom sex between two men '' and includes an ironic... You a few things theory aims to make decisions in a top management position to this.! One of her violins and the Clinton Administration has yet to file an appeal of the productivity of... Reveals a `` follow the steps to get some result '' mold, '' Heritage foundation no! Of all subjects, the NEA 's federal subsidy, '' the Wall Street Journal June. 'S Honors College scientists and engineers reached this conclusion themselves health information about newborn... Director was Tim Miller ( of the federal budget likely to lose their art.. That drives me absolutely insane [ sadomasochistic ] community. `` of all subjects, the Culture Consumers p.. To behave the way the great leader declared people like me behave or or., furthermore, does not Promote charitable giving in recent years has rendered NEA of. House Speaker Newt Gingrich condemned the exhibit, NEA Chairman Jane Alexander, November 1983, pp and agencies! '' mold last five years situations and determining a direction to follow funding is.!

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