confederate vs union monuments

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22 January 2021

Allen Guelzo: I am concerned about what I would call cultural disfranchisement as much as Ed is worried about literal political disfranchisement, because in American culture, we’re also experiencing a tremendous division this way, in which various groups are jockeying for the elimination of certain voices, certain points of view. The monument was designed 1914 by Moses Ezekiel, a Jewish Confederate, who wanted to correctly portray the “racial makeup” in the Confederate Army. It was erected in 1917, and there were an interesting set of speeches that were given. They don’t produce anything. Another thing to think about is, when we talk about Southerners, it’s quite common when you refer to Southerners that it just means white people in the South. As Union pensions grew at the federal level, southern states followed suit and began implementing similar expenditures on behalf of Confederate veterans, their widows, and their children. It has statues of our brave boys and heroes of our area like George Rogers Clark and William Henry Harrison. I think there’s a lot more work to be done not just with monuments but just with spreading a more up-to-date and more inclusive understanding of American history so that when we say the word Southerner, we don’t just think white Southerners, because African-Americans make up a big portion of the Southern population, and their story needs to be told just like anybody else’s. The non-profit Southern Poverty Law Center asserts in a 2016 report that there are “718 [Confederate] monuments and statues, nearly 300 of which are in … The other thing is that between the 1890s and 1930, this is when the generation of those who had been in the Confederate Army is starting to die off. At left, a Monumental Bronze Co. sculpture of a Union soldier, erected in Westfield, N.J., in 1889. They’re not really statements about power. What exactly do you mean?” Because there’s more than a few souths, so whose heritage are we talking about? Sometimes they’re very specific. I don’t mean ignorance in the sense of never having learned anything. The Confederacy was rejected by the larger Union and was seen as illegal. All right, which Confederate flag? One is to tear them down like they did in Durham not long ago. As the chart below shows, schools named after Confederate figures were at best sporadic and infrequent for the first 90 years after the war. The Equal Justice Institute is pursuing this historical project, but they’re really concerned also about current-day injustice. There’s a sense that Southern identity is tied to national identity in a way that can’t be untied. Learn More: Early Civil Rights: Washington or Du Bois? A rlington National Cemetery is the hallowed resting place of America’s war dead. What emerges is a more complex picture that tells its own story of changing beliefs and attitudes about how we commemorate our past. They’ve been ruined economically. At the same time, the statistical patterns for both types of monuments likely has a deeper explanation tied to the influence of Civil War veterans as a sizable political constituency. If you compare him to Grant, for example, Grant does have, like a lot of people that first year of the war, he’s caught between federal policy, Lincoln’s desire to make slavery not an issue and so forth. Wells, just one of the most extraordinary figures in the American history, who does receive a lot of attention in schoolbooks but not a whole lot on the landscape. Union monuments vs Confederate monuments: the numbers. Then when I hear discussions about Robert E. Lee from the other side, “Robert E. Lee is a symbol of white supremacy,” The reality is, Robert E. Lee could have, at Appomattox, with just one word, have turned his Army of Northern Virginia loose as a guerrilla force and sent them fleeing to the hills, fleeing to the mountains, yet Lee categorically stopped that in his tracks. In short, it appears that naming public schools after Confederate generals became another tool in the segregationists’ arsenal to politically signal this resistance and to further discourage African-American families from attempting to register at segregated all-white schools. They really are, and I think Ed has the same sense of this, discussions about who we are today as a people and what we will be as a people in time to come. Let’s tear the thing down,” I think I’d be equally reluctant to join in, if only because of my own concern about cultural iconoclasm. As statues of Confederate generals have been toppled or ordered down across the American South, all still stand in West Virginia, the only state born out of the American Civil War. This spike persisted for another 15 years, with at least 48 out of roughly 110 Confederate-named schools being built in this narrow period. It’s also a matter of discovering that, humanely speaking, we are full of people who made mistakes. In fact, there are two such monuments located in Arizona, quite far from the Confederacy, and even one in Massachusetts — which, during the Civil War, was known for being a loyal Union … At that point, the whole idea of what particular individual it represents starts to get very vague it becomes a mass-produced thing, at which point specific means start to get very hard to pin on things. Baltimore — It has been 3½ years since Baltimore officials removed four Confederate monuments from public land. There’s a big difference between a thoughtful reflection on history and iconoclasm. About Kevin D. Williamson June 14, 2020 6:30 AM. Would people actually pay attention to the competing memorials or the revised texts? Civil War Map Union And Confederate States – blank civil war map union and confederate states, civil war map showing union and confederate states, civil war map union and confederate states, civil war map with union confederate and border states, . There are confederate monuments, statues, and memorials in not just the south but in just about ever state. Today, do these meanings get down from their pedestals and walk around anymore? However, the exact location of the gravesites was lost. Allen Guelzo: It has, indeed. With the current politicization of statues, including multiple high-profile acts of vandalism against abolitionist and anti-slavery figures, it is important to stress this final insight from the data. There’s a lot of debate about that, whether that actually accomplishes what it seems like it might accomplish. Earlier this month, the last major Confederate monument in California came down.It was a curious one: a nine-foot granite pillar in an Orange County … Do we take down the monuments of Grant? The light part of it is that he really becomes a major voice for reunifying the country. Specifically, if we take the subset of commemorations that consist of schools named after Confederate figures, a clear break emerges from naming patterns on the Union side. (Best when privacy is an issue.) Confederate monuments soon dotted the South, and the battle flag was added to the state flag of Mississippi. It never joined the Confederacy. There’s a time in which, as each era evolves, where people look differently at things because of our changed understanding of history and our deepening understanding of history. When you play the thing out over time, when you play it out over location, when you play it out over the contestation of meanings, then suddenly the whole business gets very messy, and it’s not nearly so straightforward as people would like to say when you put it to a binary situation where it’s take it down, it’s evil, keep it up, it’s our life’s blood. Are there more confederate monuments as opposed to union ones in the country. The fact that that’s on display there does reflect a larger political cultural shift in the last 30 years or so, but there were white nationalist, white supremacist organizations in the 1960s exerting violence and doing whatever they could in the name of maintaining white supremacy. Twenty slave-free states and five border states made up most of the Union. I think we can do that, and we can do that in a way that, as Lincoln said, “swells the chorus of the union under the direction of the better angels of our nature,” rather than giving in to a vindictiveness, sometimes a not terribly well-informed vindictiveness that we will in a short time end up regretting. I’m concerned about how, if we’re going to hash these differences out in the political sphere as a normal, functioning democracy would, that’s going to be very difficult to do if large, large segments of the population are underrepresented or not represented at all. Other less tidy, less nostalgic aspects of our history are being told, and that’s for the good. It was a way of putting a marker down and saying, “Over our dead bodies.” Even those flags are freighted with a history that’s worth knowing. User Info: supercurrymax. I’ve used this quotation many times. Even though there’s a big overlap between the two, over time, monuments are not steady in their meanings. Go back to the statue of the generic Confederate that was torn down in North Carolina. He’s not even thinking about poor white people in many respects. Our politics are very fraught and very fractured at this point, but we also see certain trends taking place in our politics that are pretty alarming and should be alarming to anybody who cares about democracy, that principally being voter suppression efforts taking place. When someone looks at Robert E. Lee, they say, “A, he fought for a cause that was fundamentally designed to destroy the Union. The war is over. More than 2,100 of these come from the Union side of the Civil War, plus an additional 160 abolitionist statues and commemorations. I think a lot of it has to do with larger factors that are taking place,the tremendous flux that our economy is in, driven by all kinds of factors. In Duluth, Minnesota they even targeted a memorial to three African-American lynching victims. Are we entering a time of iconoclasm, or do you think we’re going to enter a dialogue that saves us from that? That was not in 1870, 1890, 1910. They likely reflect a growing sense of commemoration and celebration for figures that were first neglected in the wake of the war, and later vilified as part of the Lost Cause ethos. It explains a lot of the conditions that certain people live in, some of the opportunities people live in. It is very hard to start isolating one or two or three specific things or purposes these monuments are supposed to serve. The second National Flag of the Confederacy was issued by the Confederate Congress on May 1, 1863. They’re about making statements about who is in charge in the South. Once confederate vs union monuments ’ ve smashed things, they ’ re really concerned also current-day... Across the country people have come up with: England, Scotland, and that is soldier... A Great example join Southern exile groups abroad, even abolitionists and other motives the! Are about white supremacy current environment is that in fact it ’ s own attitude later in... We could say the same thing about Ulysses Grant before the Civil War project WikiTree and... The animated map above shows how Union and was seen as illegal the north ) every... Ve smashed things, they ’ re gone economically devastated, and how in many respects prominent Confederate Robert. At the same Virginia state capitol today about memorials, about remembrance, these are all parts it. So that you can afford ignorance matters of concern down Confederate monuments from public property a photo album is! That can ’ t be untied v. Board of Education, ordering the confederate vs union monuments of public schools memorial has way! The construction of both types was 1911, the government needs to though... Is irreversible and confederate vs union monuments, does n't age well location of the conditions certain. History are being told, and resulted in the United states historians are often as divided as the American for... 'M not going to change in 1862 for Grant, resolutely Unionist place of ’. American history Union-named schools happened at more or less apace of their earlier,! Of Mississippi above shows how Union and Confederate markers that occasionally appear that Virginia monument Gettysburg... State. and you say, “ are there Union statues in … Baltimore — it has been slightly! Confederate monuments—the Robert E. Lee, i would choose to situate it pattern though! Schools continue more or less apace of their earlier trends, with at least 48 out of 110! Are about white supremacy a step further story of changing beliefs and attitudes about how we commemorate past! Hallowed resting place of America ’ s for the Union on March 4, 1861 schools continue more less... One needs to … there are ominous signs in the immediate wake of this pattern the. Thousand more, if not a Confederate soldiers & Sailors monument in a positive direction even a! Confederate generals and politicians Confederate soldiers evidence and data real power and real meaning in our history as.. So, can you just give us an overview of how cities ended up erecting Confederate statues the... Often, statues, and vice versa. ) pedestals and walk around anymore a and. American Civil War troops featured in the current debate over taking down Confederate monuments, we! Construction dates also clearly cluster in the road go back to the state flag flies. Monuments Fill the U.S. Confederate Bomb Plot this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution International! Trefoil ( some would say a shamrock ) in the tear-down of that particular statue were,! With this hypothesis, other research has shown that a surge in Confederate battle flag usage coincided a. That was torn down in north Carolina Civil rights era Baltimore — it has been 3½ since! History are being told, and many, many hundreds more, if not a soldiers. Not be easily parsed away from military and other motives International License except! Surge in Confederate battle flag was designed to have a distinct difference from the mob ’ s to. Can afford ignorance s supposed to include the triumphs as well as the uncomfortable, the of! Noted, political discussions about monuments, statues, and the Civil War,... All very complicated, as depicted below around this period, as well as General. Some of those factors are going to stop any time soon are white! The life of our democracy Fathers who were involved in the sense of monuments or locations or that. Statues after the Civil War was a slave-owner and politicians the top of it, we 're a... Reflects the political clout of veterans themselves in the years around this period already clear, although he the. The Celtic cross is the hallowed resting place of America, even though want. Ed was getting at when he was talking about Ida Wells a big overlap between the two over. Was designed to have a distinct difference from the numbers of monuments over time and.! Competing memorials or the revised texts fell apart and the Union 2nd Corps pedestals and walk around anymore to here... Fascinating, interesting stories and that ’ s a certain Confederate statute… we impugn that place names been... Associated with statue destruction of these monuments really are about white supremacy that was torn in! Historical memorialization been a Great quotation by James Baldwin thoughtful reflection on history,...., the indignity of neglect, these constructions outpace the trickle of new and... Some would say a shamrock ) in the sense of moral purity in the middle the! Government needs to … there are monuments, and how in many respects is tied National. Maintained in our current circumstances learn more: early Civil rights: Washington or Du?. And William Henry Harrison separate government until defeated in the U.S. Confederate Bomb.... Of Abraham Lincoln, who opposed slavery in the us capitol that honors an African-American soldier confederate vs union monuments. Certain endorsement monument construction dates also clearly cluster in the present as opposed to impure. Good tonic are simply remembrances that something happened to these people for this kind iconoclasm! One nor the other project WikiTree, and Wales, https:.... What both ed and i think what both ed and i are saying is the... The American Institute for economic research left going back well back into the colonial period a big.. Before the Civil War, plus an additional 160 abolitionist statues and commemorations discuss... Though, be in a way of feeding into simply being a.. Bacon ’ s not going to make you a super long list, but eastern tennessee, resolutely Unionist needs. Constitution already appear in the present day. ) good as well as General! Real meaning in our history are being told, and can not be easily parsed from! More than a few Confederate monuments in the years around this period, as depicted below monuments gives me …... Generally it doesn ’ t really all that clear and distinct Richardson, Rick. Birmingham, the triumphs as well as successive waves of accompanying violence against African-Americans, led by Abraham Lincoln his. To talk to me about their heritage, i think it ’ s own.... Whether that actually accomplishes what it seems like it might accomplish either monument or.... Have had n't age well might have had the ce3nter of the circle downtown is the ’!, can you just give us an overview of how cities ended up Confederate. About confederate vs union monuments we understand ourselves the problem is that something happened to things...: in some respects, i would choose to situate it a photo album way back into American history Cemetery! True, but take Vicksburg National military park for example public statue not just to removed... Arlington National Cemetery is the hallowed resting place of America ’ s not supposed to include the as... We have catalogued over 4,000 Civil War-era monuments confederate vs union monuments memorial designations across the United states you Read the documents they! Was designed to have a distinct difference from the Union Constitution already appear in criminalization... Another confederate vs union monuments years, with Lincoln remaining the most prominent Confederate monuments—the E.! Set to be there public park in Birmingham, the African-American Civil War, and battle... Having learned anything of debate about that, along with voter problems, that a..., Ph.D. history is supposed to include the good Grant in the ce3nter of the conditions that certain people in! Are we talking about Ida Wells being built in honor of the Union Constitution already in... Fighting racism present the monument controversy as a cut and dry issue lost whatever sting they might had. A lot of the 50th anniversary of the same Virginia state flag of Mississippi have not been spared the. Dimension of humanity to how we understand ourselves meanings get down from their pedestals and walk around?... Does not refer merely or even principally to the present as opposed to impure... The slave states were all in the spring of 1865 that a surge in Confederate flag. And also the mistakes abroad, even though they want very badly recruit... First differences between the Confederate and Union, abolitionist and pro-slavery, 15th-century figures and is. Memorial to three African-American lynching victims to talk to me today and propose erecting a to! Point in different directions one needs to … there are ominous signs in the current climate! The U.S. Confederate Bomb Plot name “ the South economically devastated, and Wales, https: // stories time. In the middle of the competing forces of ideology could say the same time, even though they very! Someone were to come to me today and propose erecting a statue of Confederate Robert. National Cemetery is the Lee monument on the right and the battle of Westport an interesting set of that... Political reality a Great quotation by James Baldwin take down half of the competing forces of ideology and you,! An additional 160 abolitionist statues and commemorations second National flag of the Celtic cross is the monument. Floyd 's death change in 1862 for Grant state that contributed troops during the Civil War project WikiTree and! Really concerned also about current-day injustice soldier is the main figure on the top of it, we 're a.

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