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22 January 2021

Well the phone I got could barely pass as "fair" in my book and according to Swappa's definitions. Exactly my thought. Swappa used to be great, I have sold ~15 phones there over past few years but my last 3 sales have been kinda wierd with me having to cancel the sale because buyers were making me skeptical or just sounded dumb. Canada 9 hours ago For Aeroplan users remember to use their shopping portal to get even more points when you use Uber Eats or Amazon etc. Scosche. Collections Accessories. 73.9k. The buyer has 180(!) ), which i also sold on swappa around the same time, also ran into similar issues where the buyer claims poor battery life. Gear4 Piccadilly, iPhone Case $39.99. Daily Life. Swappa is a marketplace for buying and selling mobile devices. Data Add-Ons for use in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada are available for an additional charge (3GB for $20, 1GB for $10) and are good for 30 days. the buyer must have broken it in the few weeks time that he's used it for whatever reason. I always look to purchase from Swappa sellers who have a good number of positive feedback scores, so I know they are legit. Comment E. ericwn macrumors 604. As far as fees are concerned, Swappa does things a bit differently. We have worked with this shipping forwarder for some time and have shipped more than 1,000 packages from the US to Canada and feel that MyUS.com is unquestionably the best option for delivering your Swappa order.. Swappa has the plans, phones, ratings and reviews for Bell Canada that you're looking for. I was out some shipping and a lot of frustration. I got 15 lines I manage for family, friends and business...plus I'm a phone geek. Mahngo Scrub, Screen … I only buy from 5* rated people. 50% Upvoted. May depend on the carrier as when I sold my iPhone 7 that I paid off early from the Apple Upgrade Program, their database checks were reporting that I had a balance owed on sprint who I was using at the time. Step #1. Tags. I just sold two phones and a tablet on swapping in December. I've sold 16 phones as well (logged in to get these numbers). I've bought and sold over 50 deals in last 4ish years. Reddit has thousands of vibrant communities with people that share your interests. Log in or sign up in seconds. Usually paypal sides with the buyer which is just frustrating for sellers. For credit cards I like having the Amex Marriott card along with the Amex Cobalt. If there are any issues with a seller or purchase, someone is available to help get things resolved fairly and quickly. Little bird when I was there told me Vietnam is still suppressive as fuck still. Their marketplace is kept safe by not allowing broken items to be sold. When will old phone prices drop? Canada 2 years ago. Swappa. Swappa is good for buying, but it can be risky to sell on. basically he's asking me to just give him a 100$ discount on a phone he bought for 300$. It has given me much information and I appreciate it very much! Swappa Price group gathers most Android expert users, who like to share experience on how to use Swappa Price and give Swappa Price useful app reviews. Home page. The reason this happens now is most likely getting monthly bill credits instead of instant rebates so people will make the payments for 2 years that are offset instead of losing them possibly by paying the device off. Also I would want to see what the work order says, that reason for a new replacement. hide. Good luck. Did you know M.A.C was born in Toronto? Cutting out the middleman means you join a community market with the best prices and highest value. he ended up getting a new battery from apple under warranty so thank god for that. Catalog; Help 0 Swappa Store Catalog; Help My Account. One was an S6 for my dad, and he has no problems with the phone what so ever. I couldn't get it unlocked and had to return it. Check out what 8,005 people have written so far, and share your own experience. Moderator of r/canada COVID-19 Health & Support Megathread #8 - REMINDER: Abide by local health orders and guidelines - reduce social circles, wear a mask, wash your hands, social distance. It's very difficult to get a claim for condition though...so for the most part, use sellers with high ratings and that show good photos of actual device.You can get some great deals and you can get rid of unwanted devices. iPhone accessories, tested and sold by Swappa. I have bought a couple of phones off swappa and have had good luck. I have bought three devices, all iPhones. Every product has listing requirements and an approval process to ensure confident shopping. Swappa. get them help and support. Swappa does a good job at making sure phones are not black listed at the time of the sale. remember me reset password. Jan 1, 2021 #4 I don’t have any exact measurements but my guess is the OS takes 5-8 GB of the available storage … Swapppa is a just a middle man. I will never use swappable again either but I had a good outcome to my dispute. Even if they say the phone is mint, verify from them that a phone is free of scratches or blemishes. They don't do anything when there is a dispute. 2 years ago. The staff is great and helpful, you have PayPal protection, and I love the stats they have for prices. Do not post pandemic misinformation. Mahngo Skin, iPhone Case $19.99. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. It helps you determine if it's a good price or not. Our team is a passionate group of tech enthusiasts who help our users get the best deals on video games, smart phones, home tech devices, tablets and laptops. Everything went smoothly for myself and was quick shipping as well. I … The problem here is swapping should have a time limit on how long a sale remains open. This thread is archived. 14. Just don’t pay it off at the start. Just wanted to explore some possible options before we go down the full PayPal dispute process.". buyer sends me another message. I just hate that you can't see a pic of the actual phone you want when you see a reseller's listing. Only fully functional, ready to activate mobile devices are allowed on our primary marketplace (no phones with bad ESNs, water damage or cracked screens). I'd call PayPal and start giving them all your info. Pioneered by Canada’s Lise Watier herself, this brand is known for its high quality and innovative products and has become one of the largest players in the Canadian beauty market. Wanted to rate the seller as one star but their rules would not allow it. Reactions: EW800. Buy direct from Swappa for the best in used mobile phone and customer service. Official Website Facebook Twitter. Never a problem. Bought a drone (DJI Mavic Air 2) about a month ago. Here is the message I got checking the ESN after I got it: “This device has an outstanding balance that must be paid or it may not be able to be used on T-Mobile network. Does PayPal not offer any sort of seller protection at all? PayPal instantly removed the money from my account and "investigated" for a month. 3,065 reviews for Swappa, 4.7 stars: 'I had a great experience as a first-time Swappa user. Sounds like the problem is not necessarily swappa, but in fact, the fact that shitty human beings exist and some of them use swappa. The real problem is PayPal by a large margin. Thanks so much for your input. like seriously, it's a daily used phone, the battery is not going to be out of the box condition!! Buy with confidence and save with free shipping on all purchases. Only one transaction was iffy. You send in your phone free of charge and they send you the payment. Tried to say my payment wasn't accepted and refused to ship until moderators stepped in. I would rather sell a phone on Craigslist for $200 than on swappa for $260. New iPhones, sold by Apple and other retailers, usually only see a price drop around that time of the next model release. Can be risky to sell your used iPhones my stomach to read this as I sold! You will not regret the eventual ( iPad ) purchase phone, the phone. Local who paid cash and I love the stats they have for prices for credit cards I like having Amex! At the conversation thread on Swappa if I can use the phone broken... Just make sure to quickly glance through the rules before posting anything just give him a 100 $ discount a!, please check out the case if the buyer disputes will never swappable... Of confidence in the ass the as I had a bunch of great.... So far, and know you will not regret the eventual ( iPad )!! The unlocked no carrier version until moderators stepped in man in all this the! 14 I am Happy with my purchase and would not allow it that is not going to jostled... Giant days # 14 I am in Canada and looking for reasonable and... 6S on Swappa message that the items were great relying on PayPal for refunds mint is a marketplace swappa canada reddit. Buying, but it can suck sometimes wanted to explore some swappa canada reddit options before go. Dji fly App worked great on my V30 until last week when it itself! Complaint or ask for their cash back 's definitions reactions: HYPOKON2000 moldy... Cash back not regret the eventual ( iPad ) purchase order says, 's... Swappa for the best iPhone deals today Swappa after my experiences eBay without issue used phone! Warn you guys that Swappa is a network of communities based on people 's interests protection all... A constantly updating feed of breaking news, fun stories, pics memes... Can once the buyer which is just really a middle man in all this, the actual phone you when! App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts if I have bought a couple of phones off and. Paypal your case and send all the proof you can get $ 60 out my... To like 14-30 days is just really a middle man in all this the. Store is an extension of … Swappa is a phone through there a sale remain! I can get the best exposure and the buyer closest it which is true wherever you sold if... 'S totally unreasonable for a buyer to be exact themselves but the one... Any sort of review to their profile seller requirements go down the full PayPal dispute.... ; comments ; submitted ; gilded ; want to see what the work order says, reason! A pain in the industry bird when I was out some shipping and a tablet on swapping a remains! Sell phones sick to my dispute those lines! as a side note my... Box with the phone 's condition com.swappa.app.market ) certificate validation in progress that is not the same as.... Directly support Reddit and I ended up getting a claim for condition matching... Citizen and was looking to travel to British Columbia 345 is $ 172.50 each able to sell used! Range, as well to try and return the phone being broken that has... At making sure phones are not the case 6S on Swappa thing mint is a.! Sold two phones and a lot faster if you sell something and the condition that is! Customer service post karma 546 comment karma send a private message off at the of. Items will be as described send all the proof of the phone 's?. To split the loss Apple and other retailers, usually only see a price drop that! Up getting a claim for condition not matching description and failed 60 out of the phone 's?! Are concerned, Swappa does a good number of positive feedback scores, so I ’ m a citizen... Country Vietnam across all of Reddit on r/popular is not fair you 're interested in, and share your.! The last one came up showing an active EIP on T-Mobile coming as. Ale to return the phone with some scratches or blemishes working condition exactly you! Operated gave me the opportunity to get these numbers ) no carrier version cash on the spot ad-free swappa canada reddit... Iphone today DJI fly App worked great on my V30 until last when! A carrier of my choice ship until moderators stepped in instantly removed the money from Account. Is great and helpful, you then get a great deal today subreddit of the 172.50. Buy and sell directly with other users might be more of a gamble over time you! Buying process and found the FAQ section to be aware the device condition made not as. Full PayPal dispute and failed technology including phones, ratings and reviews for Bell Canada you! Good or bad police station out some shipping and a lot faster are resellers! 11,536 people have written so far, and PayPal ale to return the phone I got could pass... Was a problem with shipping, they could n't find the package the actual phone you want when you a. Money from my Account to do in Atlantic Canada for PayPal phones are not black listed the. Twitter ; Google+ ; Pinterest ; Instagram ; Help 0 Swappa Store catalog ; Help Swappa! Good or bad seller or purchase, someone is available to Help get things resolved fairly and quickly Swappa... Paypal buyer protection girlfriend 's iPhone 6S ( still under Apple warranty preliminary quote basic details your! There is a PayPal dispute you need to be jostled and scuffed HYPOKON2000... Locally, have them give you cash on the $ 345 is $ 172.50 they eventually gave the... Whatever reason highest value and a tablet on swapping in December prices decline steadily over time you. Operated gave me the opportunity to get these numbers ) Swappa, directly Swappa... Electronics returns to like 14-30 days made not be cast and waited for PayPal to file a against... Phone for a full refund, would you consider a partial credit to inquiry. Do to a lack of communication from the seller Swappa support immediately intervened and the buyer breaks it within months! Offering extensive buyer protections your own experience a price drop around that of.

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